Poverty Mindset

Poverty mindset
Why do some people easily achieve success while others repeatedly fail? They seem to be doing the same things as successful people. But there's no result.

One of the main reasons for recurring failures is a poverty mindset.

A poverty mindset is a thought pattern driven by fear. It develops in those who subconsciously believe they will never have enough money.

Poverty Mindset Meaning

When you have a poverty mindset, your thinking is fixated on a firm belief that everything is difficult to attain; it's hard to earn money, climb the career ladder, make friends, and so forth. Life is seen as a struggle or a tough battle. But you know what? You can change your thinking. You are in control, and with knowledge and practice, you can change your mindset.

A poverty mindset is most commonly found in people who have experienced poverty during childhood. They grow up realizing that it's a barrier to happiness and financial security, but fear hinders them from learning new behaviors.

How to Check Yourself for a Poor Mentality

If you have at least one of these attitudes, then you have a poverty mindset:

  • You feel guilty every time you spend money.
  • You constantly worry about money or often think about it.
  • You simultaneously harbor resentment toward "rich" people and want to live like them.
  • You make decisions based on fear.
  • You think small rather than big.

With a poverty mindset, you're setting yourself up for failure. Fear breeds self-doubt, preventing you from setting adequate goals and achieving them.

How to Change Your Mindset

Step 1. Acknowledge that you have a problem and start changing your negative thoughts, setting bold yet achievable goals, and enjoying life.

Step 2. Consciously replace negative thoughts with thoughts of prosperity and success.
It will take some time for this to become a habit. In the meantime, monitor negative thoughts and consciously replace them with positive ones, thoughts that everything will work out for you.

Step 3. Learn from those who think in terms of abundance.
Read books, quotes, watch videos, and continue seeking affirmations that will help you get on the right path. Try to watch less television and avoid reading about how everything is bad on social media.

It might not happen all at once. Fear may creep in repeatedly, trying to influence your positive mindset. Just each time, stop the negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of abundance.
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