Embracing the Childlike Wonder: Rediscovering the Joy and Power of Wishing

embracing the childlike wonder rediscovering the joy and power of wishing
When one hopes for something, one's awareness becomes open to obtaining it, like a flower gradually unfurling its petals to attract a bee. From blowing dandelion seeds into the air to tossing a coin into a fountain, all individuals have felt drawn to make a wish, to murmur their innermost longings to the universe, and to await signs that their desires have been acknowledged. Specific hopes come true while others linger as intangible visions that endure or vanish like a star in the morning light. Whether they manifest or not, wishes are meaningful messages, articulating the desires of one's heart and their intent to create something new in their lives. When one hopes for something, their awareness becomes open to receiving it, akin to a flower gradually unfurling its petals to attract a bee. There is something innocent and enchanting about making a wish - something that evokes the spirit of childhood. Wishing is not about devising a plan and methodically following it to attain a goal pertaining to adulthood. Wishing is akin to a lighthearted exchange with the universe, an opportunity to play. Patiently awaiting a response is an essential part of the process. Wishing encourages a naive receptiveness to the potential for magic as we wait to see if the unseen realm will bring our wish to life. This receptiveness is a lovely gesture in and of itself, regardless of the outcome. We position ourselves in a magical mindset, and this mindset is arguably as delightful as the fulfillment of our wish itself. In our practical and action-focused society, we might be inclined to discount the power of this seemingly passive process. Still, the potency of a wish is well acknowledged - hence the admonitory adage, "Be careful what you wish for." If one has forsaken wishing in favor of more mature pursuits, they may want to reintroduce its magic into their life. The next time they behold the first evening star or find themselves before a birthday cake adorned with flickering candles, they should give themselves the present of reconnecting with the magical realm they so readily embraced as a child - they should close their eyes, open their mind, and make their wish.
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